Acupuncture in New York:
Sara Frohlich L. Ac.

Irena Ginsburg L. Ac.
24 East 12th Street Suite 2-4, New York, NY 10003
(646) 476-1453

Original Nature Acupuncture

Dianne Paxton, MS, L. Ac.

Acupuncture in New Jersey:
Dao-Sheng Acupuncture

Hoboken Chiropractic and Wellness

Baby Gear/Baby Planning:
Jamie Grayson
TheBabyGuyNYC, BabyGuyGearGuide

Birth Centers:
Brooklyn Birthing Center

Breastfeeding Supplies:
Bigelow Chemists

Boing Boing

Neergard Pharmacy

Upper Breast Side

Yummy Mummy

Andrea Auerbach

Randi Jaffe

Mendez Family Chiropractic

Fetal Positioning:
Spinning Babies

Red Moon Wellness

Sage Spa

Occupational Therapy:
Leigh Muro

Placenta Encapsulation:
Shalawn Facey

Maggie Torrance

Prenatal and Postnatal Counseling:
Mommy Groove

Postpartum Doulas:
Shalawn Facey

Grace MacNair

Postpartum Physical Therapy:
Nadia Sefcovic, Mend Physical Therapy

Reflexology for Fertility/Pregnancy:
Vera Krijn