Breastfeeding Preparation

Breastfeeding, while a natural extension of the mother/baby relationship after pregnancy, can create real challenges for the early postpartum period. We know how important breastfeeding is for mothers and children; it is crucial to get things off to a good start so you are comfortable and healthy while making plenty of milk for your newborn.

The fee for Breastfeeding Preparation is $95 per couple (expectant parents or expectant parent plus one support person). Please check out the Calendar of Classes for upcoming availability.

In a single group session, this class will cover:

  • Benefits for mom and babyimg_1520
  • The body’s preparation for lactation
  • Initiation of breastfeeding
  • Establishing adequate milk supply
  • Feeding in the early weeks
  • Hunger signs/following baby’s cues
  • Positions
  • Proper latching
  • How to know your baby is getting enough
  • Breastfeeding multiples
  • Best practices for nursing and how to avoid/deal with common issues (engorgement, thrush, plugged ducts, mastitis, etc.)
  • Pumping and introduction of proper bottle feeding
  • Medications/diet/alcohol/caffeine and breastfeeding

In breastfeeding, common problems or smaller issues can snowball into a more serious concern. Arming yourself with information in advance of your baby’s birth can help you navigate this process with confidence.

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Breastfeeding Preparation is also available as a single private in-home session.