Holistic Pregnancy Workshops

Navigating healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum choices can be mysterious. These three-hour workshops with Lucy the Laborer’s Emily Cohen-Moreira and Shira Moss, CNM of Frida Care, will give you information on putting together your birth team (including your care provider), nutritional support in pregnancy, and recommendations for complementary care, delving into the psychological/physiological components of  labor and birth, and how to prepare for a healthy postpartum period including self-care and tips for early breastfeeding.

Holistic Pregnancy

This three-hour workshop, is designed for all expectant parents. It is generally recommended during the first half of pregnancy (4-20 wks EGA) or for those in the pre-conception phase. Participants will leave the workshop with their questions answered and resource materials.

Choosing a Care ProviderMila 2

This is likely one of the most important moments of your entire life and you want to make an informed decision on who will support you to have the birth experience that you desire. It is essential that you trust your provider and believe that they share your values and that they have experience in providing the kind of birth experience that you desire.  New York has so many options and you want to make the right choice for you!  And everyone has an opinion! So clearly we’d like to give you ours: We have culled a list of recommended providers from around the city:

  • Midwives and midwifery practices both in and out of hospital
  • Low-risk OBGYN practices
  • High-risk OBGYN doctors, and specialists for specific higher-risk obstetrical issues that may or may not come up (Diabetes in pregnancy, breech position, etc)
  • Pediatricians

Additionally, we will review the differences between midwives and doctors, the pros and cons of birthing at home vs. birth center vs. hospital, and we will discuss how to supplement your prenatal care to support a holistic and healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. We will provide a list of questions to ask your potential providers and will review this list in detail together, explaining the reasoning behind each question in order to glean the optimal amount of information.

Nutrition, Hydration and Supplements in Pregnancy

One of the essential components to setting yourself up for a healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience is adequately nourishing your body and supporting your immune system. Everyone “knows” how important the nutritional component is for supporting your body appropriately in pregnancy, but it can be difficult to find accurate, practical information on this topic. In addition to reviewing our general recommendations and providing resource lists, we will set aside adequate time to answer your specific questions about your individual nutritional and dietary needs.

Alternative Providers

One of the most effective ways to support a healthy pregnancy and encourage optimal birth outcomes is to take advantage of alternative modalities and ancillary resources to pregnancy and birth care. We will review how to support your pregnancy with their services and go over recommended providers, including:

  • Chiropractors
  • Acupuncturists
  • Reflexologists
  • Prenatal massage therapists
  • Doulas
  • Lactation specialists
  • Childbirth Education classes etc.

Fee: $125.00 per couple or expectant parent plus one support person.

Upcoming dates TBD.

Holistic Birth and the Postpartum Period

This three-hour workshop, is designed for all expectant parents. It is generally recommended during the second half of pregnancy (20+ weeks EGA) or for those in the pre-conception phase. Participants will leave the workshop with their questions answered and resource materials.

Expectations for Your Birth — The Balance of Holding On and Letting Go

As your due date approaches you may notice that you’re trying to find the balance of holding onto the dreams that you rightfully have about the way you would like your birth to go, and letting go of expectations and just following your body in this most unpredictable and mysterious experience. The mind/body connection is never more real than when a person is in labor. You will have an opportunity to investigate your specific emotional landscape in this exciting period of pregnancy, and receive support in the (sometimes hidden) places where you have trepidation, fear, uncertainty, and just feel like you need a little extra emotional support.

Preparing Your Body for a Functional Labor and Healthy BirthAmy 1

If you were planning on running a marathon it is unlikely that you would wake up the morning you were supposed to run the 26 miles and decide to just go for it without any physical preparation beforehand. Labor is frequently likened to running a marathon in the middle of the night. We will review specific ways to support your body through the second half of your pregnancy and to thoughtfully prepare your body to the best of your ability at the end of pregnancy for the the potential midnight marathon of labor.

Physiological Pain and the Psychological Impact on your Labor and Birth

One of the most significant tools for smoothly riding the intense waves of labor is being as mentally prepared as possible for the experience.  We will differentiate between pathological and physiological pain, examine the profound impact any fear of pain can have on labor and birth, and provide tips on how to prepare the best birthing environment for you. Time will be provided for personal reflection and group discussion.

End of Pregnancy Surprises and How to Not Throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water

Sometimes a baby is unexpectedly breech or is so cozy inside your warm, loving womb that they don’t want to leave (even if your provider is pretty certain that it’s time)! We will share ideas on how to try and prevent some of these end of pregnancy “surprises” from occurring and how to address them naturally if they do.

Breastfeeding and the Postpartum Period

We will review tips and techniques to establishing a positive and effective breastfeeding relationship and how to avoid maternal depletion once breastfeeding is established.  Additionally, we will discuss strategies for optimal healing and recovery in the immediate postpartum period.

Fee: $125.00 per couple or expectant parent plus one support person.

Upcoming dates TBD.