Birth Pool Rental

Lucy the Laborer offers Aquaborn birth pool and Birth Pool in a Box rental in the greater NYC area.

A birth pool, or birth tub, can be a wonderful coping tool throughout labor. Even if you are planning to give birth outside the home, a birth pool may help you spend more time laboring at home. Or, if you are planning to give birth at home or in a birth center, having your own birth pool can allow for laboring in and out of the pool and for water birth.

The Aquaborn and Birth Pool in a Box are similar, comfortable pools for laboring and for water birth.

  • Can accommodate mom and partner, if desired (designed to fit 2 people)
  • Six handles allow laboring and pushing comfortably in a variety of positions (sitting, squatting, backward or forward leaning, hands and knees, bracing)
  • Top beam can deflate in seconds to allow easier access in and out of the pool
  • White floor for easier visibility for the care provider
  • Fast and easy inflation and deflation

Rental includes:

  • Drop-off at and pick-up at your home
  • Your own pool liner (single use)

Kit including:

  • Pump to blow up pool
  • Two hoses (one for filling pool and one for emptying)
  • Sink adapter
  • Submersible pump for emptying birth pool

Rental is for a 5-week period (37 weeks to 42 weeks of pregnancy). The fee is $275 total, including drop-off and pick-up at your home. A $100 deposit is required to reserve the birth pool for your time frame and the remainder is due when the pool is dropped off at your home.

Please fill out and submit the Birth Pool Rental Agreement to reserve a birth pool for your time frame.
Birth Pool Rental Agreement