Birth Doula

Birth Doula Services – with Founder Emily Cohen-Moreira
I am a Certified Birth Doula through Birth Arts International. I have more than seven years of experience, during which I have attended more than 150 births. I am experienced and comfortable in supporting unmedicated birth, birth with epidural, cesarean birth, and birth in all settings (home, birth center, and hospital). I also have experience with VBACs, VBA2C, multiples, breech birth, induction, etc. As many things in pregnancy and birth are unforeseeable, I want to assure you that, whatever your birth plan and however your birth ends up, I will be there to support you. As a doula, I serve the greater NYC area: all 5 boroughs, parts of Westchester, and much of Northern New Jersey (Bergen County, Hudson County, Passaic County, Essex County, Union County, Morris County, and Middlesex County). My fees for doula services range from $1750 to $2500, depending on the birth situation.

Pre-Labor Support:

  • Initial meeting to get to know each other and discuss the birth plan.
  • E-mail, text, and phone support from time of the initial meeting to your birth and early postpartum. If you have questions about something you’re feeling, something your OB or midwife has said, or, just want to check in.
  • In-home visit to discuss expectations, hopes, and concerns for labor. Provide specific suggestions for supplies that might be helpful. Review labor pain coping strategies in your home setting.
  • Information on breastfeeding can be provided prenatally if desired (this is my strong recommendation). While it is true that most hospitals and birth locations provide some lactation support for the first few days, it is often not enough. I strongly believe that parents who prepare for breastfeeding will have a smoother transition (the more knowledge and support the better!)

Labor and Birth Support:

  • I am on call 24/7 for your birth from the time I receive your signed contract and initial payment.
  • I am available to support and assist you from early labor at home throughout the entire birth process.
  • If you are giving birth outside your home, I will assist in the transition to the hospital or birth center. Then I am with you 100%.
  • During your labor, I am available to do whatever is helpful to you (and your partner), whether it is packing things up last-minute, suggesting a bath or shower, giving you a back massage, doing some footwork/reflexology or acupressure, suggesting new positions or movement to keep you as comfortable as possible, etc.
  • If desired, I can take photos of labor, birth, and the early postpartum.
  • My goal is to foster a calm, reassuring, and supportive setting for your birth experience.

Postpartum/Lactation Services:

  • Immediately postpartum, I will assist with the baby’s first feeding and stay with you until you are settled.
  • I come to see you and the baby once or twice at home. I can review best practices for your recovery and provide extensive breastfeeding support/assistance, including management of engorgement, prevention of common issues, ensuring adequate milk supply, proper positioning and latch, etc. Additional lactation support visits can be added as needed or preferred.
  • As a lactation professional, I am available during the first six weeks postpartum to go over any questions or concerns (and will be delighted to hear how you and the baby are doing even beyond that time frame!).