My name is Emily Cohen-Moreira. I am a Certified Cooperative Childbirth Educator, Certified Birth Doula, and Certified Birth Doula. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Romance Languages from the University of Pennsylvania. I made my way to pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding work through my lifelong interest in advocacy and women’s rights. After working as a bilingual patient advocate at the Philadelphia Women’s Center and a year living in Taiwan, I came home and found work at Realbirth, a now-defunct childbirth education program in NYC.

In July 2010, I was hired to found Tribeca Parenting (now known as Pregnancy and Parenting), a pregnancy, birth, and new parent education center with classes throughout the greater NYC area. While serving as Director of Tribeca Parenting, I became a Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula, and Lactation Counselor. I designed Tribeca Parenting’s prenatal breastfeeding education program and implemented drop-in support groups for new mom; I also planned and managed birth and new parent education throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Jersey City.

In my role as an active Birth Doula, I have had the honor to support many births at home, in hospitals, and at the only local free-standing birth center, Brooklyn, Birthing Center. I have extensive experience with unmedicated births, birth with pain medication, cesarean birth, induction, and VBAC. I have also attended VBA2C, twins birth, breech birth, etc.

As a Certified Childbirth Educator, I teach comprehensive Childbirth Preparation and Newborn Care classes. I also teach prenatal Breastfeeding Preparation courses  provide individualized counseling. I have advised pediatricians on early establishment of breastfeeding and lactation issues. Breastfeeding is extremely important for infants and new moms; it’s my goal to help you to find a plan that will work for your family. I can assist in making sure that early establishment of feeding is going well, create a plan to deal with specific concerns/issues, and answer questions along the way.

In July 2012, I gave birth to my baby girl at home, assisted by my brave husband, a pair of midwives, and an amazing doula. Giving birth gave me a deeper understanding of the emotional and physical process I support. My transformative experience in giving birth to and breastfeeding my daughter reaffirmed my reasons for doing this work: excellent support and a smooth transition is crucial during this important period in our lives.

My approach to pregnancy/birth and lactation services is family centered and practical. It is extremely rewarding to see new parents, armed with good information and a deeper understanding of their options, making choices that fit their baby and family. Our goal in working together is to figure out what is best (and doable) for the individual family.

*I speak Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and a tiny bit of Chinese, so I am thrilled to be able to provide my services to families from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Certified Cooperative Childbirth Educator

Certified Birth Doula


Certified Lactation Counselor

Home Birth Midwife Assistant

Neonatal Resuscitation Card Holder

Certified in Adult, Infant, and Child CPR

Certified in Rebozo Techniques for Pregnancy and Birth