Lucy the Laborer, founded by Emily Cohen-Moreira, provides multilingual pregnancy, birth and lactation education and services in the greater New York City area, including several counties in New Jersey. Emily is a Certified Cooperative Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Counselor and Birth Doula. From prenatal and childbirth education and birth doula services to in-home breastfeeding support, her goal is to empower you for a positive experience through this important process.

Emily’s approach to pregnancy/birth and lactation services is family centered; her mission is to provide parents with good information and a deep understanding of their options so they can make choices that fit their own baby and family. Her goal in working together is to figure out what is best (and doable) for your family.

Emily is also available as a Birth Doula. She provides expert, caring support during your pregnancy and entire birth experience (early labor to beyond the birth of the baby). Studies show that parents who have continuous professional support during labor experience less pain and require less medical intervention and fewer cesarean surgeries.